Our Staff

Equity is a family-owned business, and we owe our continued success to the skills and dedication of our employees. We are proud of the little community we have here at the shop! Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Office Personnel

and Long
Dan and Margot are the owners of the company. Dan is responsible for estimating and sales, and Margot is responsible for accounts payable and receivable. They founded Equity Cabinets in 1980, and are proud of their continued success in a competitive industry during the last 35 years.

Dustin Long
Dustin is the estimator and office manager, and it is his job to provide pricing and customer service on new projects. In addition to estimating and sales, he is also the company's IT department.

Rowan O'Brien
Rowan is the drafting and stockbilling department. He uses modern tools such as AutoCAD and CabinetVision to take the customer's ideas and the architect's concepts and turn them into working shop drawings. We rely on his keen eye for detail and extensive experience as a cabinet maker to design and submit even the most complicated project.

Sarah Krans
Sarah is the friendly voice you will hear on the other end of the phone when you call Equity Cabinets. She is our secretary and master of paperwork.

Shop Guys

Greg Jovien, Joe Johnson, Carlos Cuevas, Gerardo Morales, Arturo Lopez, and Matthew O'Brien
Greg is our shop foreman and manages deadlines, supervises the shop crew, and takes the lead on many of the custom fixtures we produce. Also building casework and fixtures are Joe, Carlos, and Gerardo. These men make up our team of "bench men" with over 60 years of combined experience. They are the craftsmen who have the skills and patience to turn the most exotic project into a reality. In additon to being accomplished in cabinetmaking, as well as veneer and laminate work, they are skilled in various other aspects of carpentry such as joinery, bent-lamination, and even carving.

Omar Palomino
You can't build great cabinets without accurate, consistent parts. As the millman, Omar takes the raw material from our suppliers and the cutbills from our drafting department and cuts out each part required for a project. While other shops have started to "outsource" their millwork overseas or to factories, Omar cuts each piece in-house. This provides a level of integration between the mill and the assembly tables not available any other way.

Carlos Morales
Carlos runs the computer-controlled point-to-point drilling machine and is the head of the plastic laminate department.


Eric Jones and Eric Whitford
Building the cabinets and fixtures is only part of the equation here at Equity. We also offer full-service installation, and that requires a nimble, fully-qualified team of installers. Eric J. is the lead installer and typically runs the crew on larger jobs. He and Eric W. bring trucks full of tools and minds full of know-how to tackle most challenging situations. On the job site, they are best recognized by their Equity t-shirts. And after a job is complete, you can tell that they were there by the high-quality work they leave behind.